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Table of Contents

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Chapter One - University Organization, Governance and Administration
Chapter Two - Academic Affairs and Faculty
Chapter Three - Students
Chapter Four - General Administration
  04.10 Human Resources
    04.11.00 Recruitment and Hiring
    04.12.00 Advancement and Promotion
    04.13.00 Termination
    04.14.00 Employee Benefits
    04.15.00 Employee Records
    04.16.00 Conflict of Interest
  04.20 Labor Relations
    04.21.00 Collective Bargaining Agreements
    04.22.00 Work Rules
  04.30 Facilities and Campus Development
    04.31.00 Administration
    04.32.00 Building and Capital Improvement/Renovation
    04.33.00 Physical Plant
    04.34.00 Space Management and Scheduling
  04.40 Purchasing/Procurement/Disposal of Property
  04.50 Contracts
  04.60 Health and Safety
    04.61.00 Campus Safety
    04.62.00 Environmental Health and Safety
    04.63.00 Drug and Alcohol Use
    04.64.00 Communicable Disease
  04.70 Computers and Information Technology
    04.71.00 Usage
    04.72.00 Security
    04.73.00 University Web Sites
    04.74.00 Email
    04.75.00 Social Security Number Usage
    04.76.00 Cellular Equipment
  04.80 Affirmative Action
    04.81.00 Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity
    04.82.00 Sexual Harassment/Sexual Assault
    04.83.00 HIV/AIDS
  04.90 Marketing and Communications
    04.91.00 Promotional Materials and Marketing
Chapter Five - Budget and Finance
Chapter Six - Auxiliary Programs and Services
Chapter Seven - External Affairs